Other @TomEval Articles & Rants

Recorded webinar with The Foundation Review and Grantmakers for Effective Organizations “Implementation Science: Bridging Strategy and Practice” (as discussant) (October 13, 2016)

Recorded webinar with  Tamarack Communities Collaborating InstituteImpact, Influence, Leverage and Learning: Evaluation that makes the case to funders” (October 6, 2015)

Presentation at Tamarack Communities Collaborating Institute (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) (Oct 10, 2013) ENGAGE: Theory of Change

Audio podcast of webinar interview by Paul Born of Tamarack Institute: Theory of Change – An Evaluation Methodology to Accelerate Learning  (2013)

Guest blog at CarsonResearch.com/blog (May 2013): “Thinking Like Aesop to Visualize Theory of Change”

Guest blog at BethKanter.org at the Grantmakers for Effective Organizations geofunders.org Networks Conference (Oct 2011) “Evaluating Networks and Their Effectiveness” at bethkanter.org

The Chronicle of Philanthropy Making Change podcast with Hildy Gottlieb (Sept 2010) “Holding Nonprofits and Foundations Accountable”   Available on iTunes

Five Simple Rules for Evaluating Complex Community Initiatives” in Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Community Investments (Spring 2010)

Teaching case study by Leila Fiester:  Measuring Change while Changing Measures: Lessons in and from the Making Connections Evaluation  (2010)

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