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I think I blogged before “blog” was even a word

With the helpful advice and prompting by the excellent American Evaluation Association > #eval13 blogging panel of Ann, Chris, Susan, and Sheila, I am reinvigorating my Twitter efforts into longer blog postings on evaluation.

The low-pressure ease and comfort of occasional tweets filled what little bandwidth I thought I had left with a major relocation and job change. But now that I feel more settled and wanting to connect more with my evaluation colleagues now thousands of miles away in ANY direction, the gentle yet firm encouragement of our EVAL bloggers convinced me to go ahead. Which also reminded me that starting with my first personal computer I purchased in 1993 (leading to the first time I fell in love with a South Dakotan–an extremely patient Gateway tech support guy who stayed on the phone with me for 6 straight hours while I repaired my own broken hard drive), I had started writing overly long and somewhat sarcastic (snarky?) movie and restaurant reviews I distributed to friends on my free DC community email account. History is not clear if the term “blog” was invented or first used in 1994, 1997, or 1999, but I feel at least that I have some old skills I might be able to revive.